Benefits of Online Press Release

Press Releases offer High Domain Trust and Authority Backlinks and Citations

Getting powerful backlinks to your site can be tough. It requires a lot of manual outreach and communication which business owners don't have the time for, let alone the know how to get it done. Having an SEO who specializes in "Off Page SEO" is very important because many web design companies say they offer FULL SEO SERVICE but really have no skills when it comes to backlinks, even though they are agreed to be close to 70% of the ranking factor. The good news is if you have us build you a site or already have a nice website that is set up properly with On Page SEO then we can rank your site by building more links.

Off Page SEO - Backlinks

The power of having a strong backlink profile is obvious. If you look at the top ranking domains for competitive keywords and do a backlink audit of the best sites you will see they all have a lot of strong backlinks.  Even though an ugly site with strong backlinks will outrank a beautiful site with fewer or weaker backlinks the ugly site will not hold a visitors attention or help make the sale. This is why you still have to have a decent looking site that offers easy navigation, is mobile responsive and helps you close the deal.  Still don't believe that having strong backlinks are that powerful? Then watch this video.

This video will explain how the process works

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