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money robot tips and tricks

Money Robot Tips and Tricks

Money Robot is my favorite Web 2.0 blog network creation tool Money Robot is a blog creation and management tool. It can be used to help create relevant backlinks for any niche. With complete control over content, keywords, links, and more it is highly customizable and can be used to rank any internet property including […]

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backlinks list of news site citations

How Do Backlinks Help My Site Rank

Why Do Backlinks Help My Site Rank? Many web designers only focus on on-page search engine optimization and totally forget about the huge importance of off-page SEO factors like backlinks. It’s suggested by many SEO experts that backlinks might account for over 80% of the weight that google and other search engines apply algorythmically to webpages to […]

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responsive websites

What is a Responsive Website?

Do you need a Mobile Responsive Website? Google Loves Responsive Design Google is the big dog on the scene. What google says, goes! Google suggested responsive design as the preferred form when optimizing a website for smart phones, for this reason of course all of us SEOs jumped on board. The bottom line is Google favors responsive […]

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