How Do Backlinks Help My Site Rank

Why Do Backlinks Help My Site Rank?

Many web designers only focus on on-page search engine optimization and totally forget about the huge importance of off-page SEO factors like backlinks.

It’s suggested by many SEO experts that backlinks might account for over 80% of the weight that google and other search engines apply algorythmically to webpages to figure out where they will rank.

If you are really interested in getting your page to turn up in searches then building a proper backlink profile is a must.

What is a backlink?

Basically a link is a road between any two websites. You have internal links between pages on your site, we are not talking about these, that’s an onpage strategy. You want the external links from other websites. So links from other sites are pointing back to you, and that shows google that your page is important.

Why should link building be a big part of your SEO plan?

From an SEO point of view, links show a sites popularity. Everytime a website links to you it’s saying “Hey, this site can help you find what you are looking for!” When google sees a lot of sites pointing to you it automatically makes your site more valuable and gets pushed up the SERPs.

Not All Backlinks are the same

Backlinks have many different metrics that give them power. A backlink from a high ranked site will be worth more than a low ranked site. A link from a webpage that has similar content to your page or your business type will have more “ranking juice”. That is why a large number of good links goes a long way to helping your site move up the rankings.

How do you build backlinks to my site?

If you publish great content you might already have some links to your page. That is rarely enough, especially in boring industries like “Glass repair”, “emergency plumbing” or “injury lawyers”. There are other ways we use to help you get those valuable links.

We use the following criteria

High metrics like Trust Flow/ Domain Authority/ # of backlinks /Anchor text profiles

Building off competitors profiles

To find sites that might link back to you why not look at your competitors. We use high end agency software to run scans of your competitors and look for great backlinking opportunities your competitors or most likely their SEOs have built up.

Using programs like MajesticSEO and SEMRush we have access to all of the different SEO metrics used to rank your page.

Other backlink types include:

  • Guest posting. You can write high quality articles for other blogs. This can help you get exposure and backlinks.
  • Press releases. By sharing something newsworthy, or “creating something” to share to an online press release firm can help boost your backlink count as well as drive traffic.
  • Social networking. Using your social media sites to post and comment on similar content you can build not only your brand but pick up a number of quality backlinks as well.

All of these methods can help your site move up the rankings but you have to understand that link building is a slow and careful process. Just adding 100 links to a brand new site will be a huge red flag. Best to start slow.

Check out some of our backlinking packages. We can help you find great opportunities to gain those valuable links.


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