How to set up Free CDN for PBN

Do you need to set up a CDN for your PBN sites?

Using a CDN service like Cloudflare you can accomplish a few things. Added security, increased speed and best of all it masks your real host. The last option is the main goal of this article. Many people have shared hosting accounts at Godaddy, GreenGeeks or my personal favorite, BlueHost. When you host all the sites on the same server it can defeat the purpose of linking to your money site if it’s on the same host. By using a CDN you can have many sites on the same host and no one will know.

For people than more with 10 sites I would recommend setting up PBN Hosting with EasyBlogNetworks. For people that need to cover the tracks of just a few websites (there is no limit) the Free CDN from Cloudflare may be a good option.

Here is a video on how to set up the Free CDN option for your sites

To easily keep track of the information you can just use a random email like and whatever password you want. You shouldn’t have to verify any emails or anything. The steps are pretty easy so I’ll put them here but the video below will show you how to set up the Free Cloudflare CDN at Godaddy.

 Step 1: Create Free CDN At Cloudflare

You can use any email, you don’t have to verify it or anything so the process is really fast.

Step 2: Cloudflare will ask you to enter your website

They will scan the current host records. The only 2 you care about will probably already have an orange cloud next to them. That is the URL and the WWW. The rest of them you can erase from that menu.

cdn tips for cloudflare


Step 3: Change your nameservers

Login and change the nameservers at your current hosting provider for that domain to reflect the Cloudflare CDN Domain Name Servers. They will look something like the bottom of the image above that says Cloudflare Nameservers.

The video will pretty much walk you through the process. If you want to host a large number of PBNs you may be interested in EasyBlogNetworks PBN Hosting.

cdn tips for cloudflare

cdn tips for cloudflare


cloudflare cdn set upcloudflare cdn set up

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