Introduction to Building a PBN

PBN Means Private Blog Network

When people talk about PBNs in the SEO world they may not be talking about the same thing. PBNs come in many shapes and sizes and have different goals. Most website owners know they need more backlinks but getting them can be difficult especially if it’s not a hot topic or industry.

Tier 1 Social Network Creation. Your tier 1 social network should be a branded network using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin and top directories like Yelp, YP, Thumbtack. These are something seperate then a private blog network we are talking about.

PBNs need to be put into tiers when discussing them

what are tiered backlinkswhat are tiered backlinks

what are tiered backlinksA “Tier 1 link” is the back link pointing directly to your money site. A tier 2 link points to a tier 1 link instead of the money site. Tier 1 links can also be called buffer sites. You can use Tier 2 links to help make the tier 1 link more powerful and relevant. Having weak links to your site won’t hurt it unless they are from domains with bad reputations, domains that have had dangerous code or duplicate content. It’s still preferred to have as many quality tier 1 links as possible. These are difficult to get so some people will build their own high quality relevant blogs to help with getting these links. Their value is definately worth it.

Tier 1 PBN Hosting – Tips and Tricks

First Question – Where and how do I get the domains and hosting?

It is recommended that you don’t build your PBN under the same hosting plan as your moneysite. Although you will be making quality sites that shouldn’t put you in any danger from google penalties you still want to keep your PBNs separate from your moneysite and other PBNs.

Use Whois Privacy Protection when you register new domains

PBN Hosting for hosting 10+ sites

Large PBNs should use multiple domain registrars and of course PBN Hosting from a specialized company like EasyBlogNetworks. They have plans for as little as 10 sites. They host them on different hosting company acounts and you have a dashboard where you can manage them and have a low flat fee.

Small PBNs or a few extra domains

If you have some domains already in your shared hosting account you can mask the hosting by using a Free CDN at Cloudflare. It has other benefits like better speed and security and it’s used by millions of websites for all sorts of reasons. Although the sites will have the same DNS nameservers as Cloudflare and that can be considered a fingerprint there are millions of sites that use them so it’s nothing to worry about.

How Should I build the sites?

These are my recommendations for building your PBN sites. These should be real sites with a consistent topic, inbound and outbound links should be related(at least semantically). A quality PBN should have relevant rich content like images and videos and well written original articles.  A tier 1 should be safe from any penalties because it is not violating terms of service and is providing value to the reader. Let me try to give an example of a Tier 1 Blog Network.

Moneysite =

After making sure my On-Page SEO is done properly I can move on to building a niche related blog network.

Should I Use Expired or Exact Match Domains for my PBN?

You have two choices when it comes to buying a domain for your PBN. If you search sites like or use godaddy auctions or an expired domain search service like domcop you can sometimes find decent domains with high majestic Trust Flow or Moz Domain Authority Metrics. The problem is you have to research the domains and check their backlinks and way back machine information to see if it lives up to the metrics and if you will have any penalty issues or spam issues.

Please don’t go out and start buying a bunch of domains. You will regret it! Take it nice and slow until you have a proper plan

If you have some domains with keywords in the title or are related topics they will be fine to use. EMDs or (Exact Match Domains) work well as buffer tier 1 PBN sites. The problem is since they are new they need to have links built to them to really make them valuable to you. The good thing is you can be less picky about the types of links you send to these tier 1’s. So you can power them up with all sorts of links and then have that domain authority, trust flow and link juice travel to your homepage.

I have used both and have had good results. They all take more time and work then you will originally expect. Once you have your domain and hosting strategy figured out it’s time to build the blogs. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Checklist for Building the Websites in your Private Blog Network

Use Different Random Well Built WordPress Themes.

Randomize your plugins.

Don’t use duplicate content.

Use as much text as possible in the posts and pages.

Use images and videos relevant to your niche. Make sure you add the alt text to the images that describe the image but include relevant keywords.

Only link to your main webpage 1 time from your PBN.

Link out to relevant authority sites related to your industry, just not competitors.

Link to your relevant inner pages also when possible.

Make sure it looks and functions like a real blog.

Make a contact and about page with a different contact info then  your money site.

Don’t use the same email/phone#/address on your PBN sites.

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