What is a Responsive Website?

Do you need a Mobile Responsive Website?

Google Loves Responsive Design

Google is the big dog on the scene. What google says, goes!

Google suggested responsive design as the preferred form when optimizing a website for smart phones, for this reason of course all of us SEOs jumped on board.

The bottom line is Google favors responsive sites because they make life easier. Before this companies had to have multiple websites to target desktop and phone users. This is time consuming and costs twice the amount to build and market!

The great thing about responsive sites is they automatically adjust the page size to whichever device it is being viewed on.

This makes google bots work less and quicker, it also makes the customers life easier by allowing them to view your site on a computer and their phone or tablet. This is the ultimate goal of SEO to make the web crawlers and humans viewing the sites both happy.

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Other Benefits of Responsive Webpages

Avoids Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content on two different sites can sound alarms for both sites. Google’s Panda Update in 2011 showed that the search engines are really trying to punish duplicate and poor content. Many sites saw their rankings drop and some got deinxed completely. Mostly in this situation google won’t penalize this type of identical content, but it is still worth keeping in mind.

Less cost overall to manage and optimize 1 site.

Not having to manage 2 sites and 2 SEO campaigns saves you money

Responsive site will help with bounce rate (Enhancing SEO)

A high bounce rate (when people click your site then immediately click away) is a bad sign and can hurt your rankings. Google assumes your content is not what that user was looking for.

If you do rank well and a customer clicks your site on their phone and they can’t even read the text they will most likely click back and try another company.

The ultimate goal for google is to guarantee visitors reach their search query on the first page of results. So having a low bounce rate and easy to navigate site (Time on Page) will help you rank higher.

More than 20% of Google Searches are on Phones

There are some many statistics out there that show the rise of users surfing the web on their phones. There is a 60+% chance users will leave your site for another if your site isn’t responsive and easily navigable.

When you talk about those numbers you will see an increased chance of converting visitors to customers and see a huge rise in profits.

Google owns over 90% of the mobile search market. That is a huge majority and with the statistics showing a favorable ranking to responsive sites it’s a “no brainer”.

 Reduces Cost of Link Building

Link building is one of the biggest strategies in increasing your sites domain authority. This domain authority will in turn help your website rank higher in the SERPs for the keywords you target. Keep all the link power and 1/2 the cost. Since all your links point to one URL you will have the same powerful link profile for both sites in one responsive design.

Why not make an extra mobile only site?  

Reponsive site will rank similarly on desktop and mobile search results, where if you have 2 seperate sites you might rank for some keywords on one site and different keywords on your other site.

Creating a mobile version for an already optimized website requires starting an SEO strategy from scratch. The reason for this is mobile websites have a different URL and HTML code, and as such Google will treat their page authority separately. You will also not carry your authority to your new mobile site, it will have to have it’s own campaign. So keep the power of your current backlinks and social shares and make your site responsive and get the best of both worlds.

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