Off Page Local SEO Blueprint and Tips

Here are some basic well rounded off page SEO backlinking strategies anyone can use

Using these strategies you will be able to boost your rankings without making any changes to your website. Hopefully you have already optimized your pages for on page and you are ready to power them up. If you haven’t built your site or optimized it yet then make sure you read my other articles or watch my youtube videos on optimizing pages for on page.

Press Releases for Citations and Quality Backlinks

Use a good press release service like MarketersMedia or PressCable. These sites will distribute your release to hundreds of news outlets and other websites. You will get a report with all of the links that were built for verification. These links will get picked up by google and you will see many of them in your backlink profile.

Getting backlinks via Guest Posts and PBNs

Getting links from blogs or websites with relevant or related content is a huge plus. You can run Money Robot Campaigns. You have a few options you can reach out and offer to write articles in exchange for permission to link your sites, create such great content that other sites want to share it, build websites in a related field and then link to your moneysite. If you are going to be building these links yourself by creating websites and writing articles (PBN) make sure you use websites on different IPs and don’t link multiple times with each domain.

Tier 1 Social and Directories

Having the big social accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and Google+ will help build that trust factor. Tier 1 directories like Yelp, YP and Google Local Listings are also must have accounts. After you have optimized these accounts by adding geo-tagged photos and including full descriptions with keywords properly added these tier 1 properties will grab valuable serp space while also helping move  your site up the rankings.

Automated Web2.0 Network Creation

Building your own relevant link networks can be used to rank many properties. You can do tier 2 only and just power up all your Tier1 sites or if done properly you can use these automated blog software creation tools to link straight to your money site URLs. You can even customize and randomize the names for all of these blogs.

Social Signals

Getting likes, shares, embeds, views, saves, bookmarks from the top social sites can give a big benefit to your overall rankings. If you are in a boring industry and can’t generate buzz yourself you can always check out a site like You can set up a free account and add your properties. If you have 1 website I would recommend you set up campaigns for your homepage, facebook and google+ pages as a basic starter. You can have 3 accounts in the free version and you can get credits for free by running the program in the background.

I hope these strategies will help you rank your websites and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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