What is Off page SEO and why do I need backlinks?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer. It is a broad term defining techniques that can be used to rank your website higher in SERPs.(Search Engine Results Pages). Off page SEO are techniques you can use to increase your websites visibility that doesn’t include any changes to your site. For example if you already have a site that is on page seo optimized like one of our service company websites then you already have titles/meta/schema/H1-H3/URLs/Image alt text etc. If you already have all of these on page factors then you can start with your offpage factors. They include:

Local SEO – Optimized Google My Business (GMB)

Increasingly Google is serving results to users based on their location. A GMB page will help you get in front of local clients in the local listings, maps and google+ results.

You should register with Google My Business and ensure that all of your information is accurate and up-to-date, such as opening times, contact information, customer reviews and that your categorised correctly. Use all the photo areas and use images with proper alt text and EXIF location data. Make sure you fill out your profile to the fullest using keywords in the right places but without stuffing them. Get as many google reviews as you can.

See the power backlinks have. SEO Case study of the power of backlinks.

How to Create High-Quality Backlink Profiles

The amount and quality of your backlinks (site’s linking to you) is a huge indicator of your domain’s authority and trust rank that will determine it’s SERP positions. Buying really cheap or low-quality backlinks can hurt your overall strategy and backlink profile. We use high-quality methods like guest posts on niche related sites and of course our special Press Release Backlinks boost for citations and great links.

Niche Backlinks

A niche related backlink will help provide trust flow. Sites linking to you that are related to your niche will be much stronger than random backlinks from unrelated categories (although the latter do help).  You can place high-quality guest posting articles related to your niche and receive a backlink in the article to your website. We build many of our own online assets and keep them private to our clients.

Competitor Backlinks – By researching and spying on your competitors we can look at their backlink profiles for high quality backlink opportunities. We can find domains that are likely to link back to us like directory sites, guest blogs, similar but not same niche related companies.

Social Media – Web 2.0 links

Links from comments on social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, tumblr, niche related blogs and social media posts that you write can be linked back to your site. Although most of these links are not as powerful as authority niche site links they will be very helpful in creating a quality backlink profile.

Directory and Forum Links

Online directories and forums can provide many backlinking opportunities. Even though these links are not as powerful as high authority niche links they will help establish a large online footprint, help your website with it’s authority ranking and provide do-follow and no-follow backlink juice. For a free directory submission for glass and window companies add your listing at http://www.glasscompanynearme.com/members

Social Media Footprints and Social Signals

The most obvious way that you can raise your site’s visibility through non-technical SEO means is of course through social media marketing. Even if you are in a boring industry like “glass repair” or “emergency plumber” having those social signals will help increase your company website’s rank in the SERPs and especially in the Google Snack Pack (Local Business 3 Pack).

The best way of course is You need to make sure you’re present on all relevant social channels (wherever your audience may be), and not just broadcasting your content in a faceless manner, but by using it as a customer service channel and genuinely interacting with people in a friendly, helpful and entertaining manner. Once you create your social accounts and get some content on them you are good to go.

If you already have accounts we can link them to your website and send out scheduled articles related to your niche. If you need to have the social accounts created and managed we can do that also and you will have full login details for all of the accounts.