USITech Bitcoin Investment Detailed Honest Review

How I got started with investing bitcoin in USI-Tech

I’m going to share with you all of the details I have found while doing research on USI Tech. I was introduced to USI Tech from some of my friends in the SEO and online marketing community. I had already invested in bitcoin a while back and decided I would throw some of my bitcoin in USI Tech to try to grow it even more. I will admit I didn’t put much research into it because I was relying on the trust I have for my associates. I wish I had done my research sooner but I didn’t put in any crazy amount of bitcoin so I’m not too worried about it.

I had an issue with customer service and could not get in touch with them. I tried multiple numbers and didn’t receive an answer from support for about a week. During this time is when I did a lot of research and I wanted to share that info in this article and let each person decide for themselves how much they were willing to risk. Based on my research I would not advise putting a big chunk of your money into USI-Tech. My advice would be to do some research and if you are still interested in USI – Tech to proceed with caution.

Investing in Bitcoin for the long term

Even if you are not ready for USI-Tech that shouldn’t stop you from investing in bitcoin. Here are 2 options available for wallets. Coinbase is a very easy to use bitcoin wallet that can be run on phones or computer. It’s easy to sell/buy multiple forms of cryptocurrency. These wallets are also very easy to manage, they are secure, and you can find many videos on how to send bitcoin with them.

CoinBase #1 Virtual Wallet

Treznor #1 Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

How does USI-Tech Pay Out such a good %?

Recent information shows that USI-Tech is investing millions in bitcoin mining hardware and preparing itself to be a member in the global cryptocurrency market. This differs from their initial platform.



Negative Articles about USI-Tech

Below are some articles I came across that you should read before you invest in USI-Tech

USI-Tech Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!


I was unable to find USI-Tech listed as a registered company in Dubai. Their registration number ICC20160282 returned not found. It turns out they are registered as a company in Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah is a common place for offshore companies to register a company in the UAE. There is no way to know where USI-Tech is actually located at with this type of offshore company registration.

The founders of USI-Tech are Jao Severino and Ralf Gold.

Jao Severino (JOÃO FILIPE FERNANDES SEVERINO) has been barred from financial activity in Portugal because he was involved with another scam called AMC INVEST. AMC Invest offered 10% interest per month on investments and it ended up scamming hundreds of people before it was taken down by the authorities. People were arrested for this scam.

Ralf Gold has promoted many money making scams in the past as well:

AdsProfitReward 2012
HourlyRevShare 2013
AdsProfitWiz 2013

Here is an article that attempts to disputes the above article

Ethan Vanderbuilt: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing



USI-Tech Information Investors should read about


United Software Intelligence Review – – SCAM!

It appears that, the official website of the operation, has started out as a run-of-the-mill auto trading scam. It peddles some sort of shady software which is supposed to dominate Forex trading, automatically generating massive and consistent revenues for its users, in exchange for a one-time fee. Sounds too good to be true? You bet it does. The way the auto-trader is promoted is highly suspicious too. The website features a highly scammy promotional video, and it makes outrageous promises, without delivering any kind of insight into how these feats of greatness are accomplished. We don’t really find out anything about the company/people behind the operation either. The site does have an “impressum” page, where a Dubai company registration number and an address is given. The address is but a PO box at a hotel though, so it does absolutely no favors to the operation on the credibility front.

This article talks about the company getting legal advice on it’s set up.


In a bizarre twist following this weeks’ “USA Kickoff meeting” USI-Tech members are flooding social media publicly touting the fact the multi-level marketing company has purportedly obtained legal opinion its’ 1% daily ROI for 140 days (140%) offer complies with US securities laws and is compliant with FTC regulations.
Having been responsible for issuing cease and desist demand letters against critics of the since collapsed ponzi scheme My Advertising Pays the Elmhurst, Illinois based law firm of Hart David Carson LLC has been named as the source of legal opinion claiming USI-Tech is “compliant with US securities law”One wonders if this will evolve into a similar scenario as that which engulfed well known MLM attorney, Gerald Nehra who settled a $100 million dollar lawsuit with the court appointed Zeek Rewards receiver, following his claim Zeek was “legal” and who is facing a jury trial over his similar claims with regard to the multi million dollar TelexFree fraud.

Final Thoughts on Investing with USI-Tech

Bottom line is I was able to get through to support with my issue. Based on the research I have done with some other members I think it’s ok to put a little money in and ride the wave of bitcoin. I would limit the investment amount to something reasonable. Don’t get crazy and put all of your money into one thing, especially something as new and untested as USI-Tech.

I believe Bitcoin will be around for a long time and would definitely recommend people buy and hold onto some bitcoin. If you have any questions feel free to send an email.

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